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  1. hi. how do i embed slideshows from
    on a sidenote how do i remove the images that i've uploaded to wordpress?

  2. If the code contains the word "embed" it won't work here at; it's not allowed because it would introduce a serious security weakness. If the code they provide is purely regular old HTML it could work, though.

  3. @rain
    Actually you can have slideshow embeds and this blogger has already mounted several on the blog in question.
    To remove an uploaded image go to -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Upload (select the one you want to delete by clicking on it and then click on delete).

  4. TT, the poster appears to just be linking to them. Looks like an 'embed' tag to me and rain, is right. Those are not allowed due to security concerns.

    Hmm, when did we get that manage page? First I've seen of it.

  5. What I meant was to display the slides but I guess it's not possible so I figured I'll just link to it. thanks for the help anyway. :)

  6. You're welcome. :)

  7. anyone know of any slide program/site similar to that will work with wordpress?

  8. @sonytony, nope. As I know the only "embeds" supported here at are Google & youtube videos and Odeo Audios.

  9. video include - grouper; music include - sonific; and for messaging include meebo

  10. aww that sucks... heh, well thanks and happy new year

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Yes, you can use BubbleShare. It just takes a little tinkering. Here you go, for example:

  12. It was easy to use RockYou. Example here:

    RockYou here:

    I do prefer the presentation, alas, but RockYou works. I'm new enough that I couldn't figure out how to tinker with BubbleShare.

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