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    I want to add quite a few links to different external sites only to one page of my site… so I don’t want a blogroll and I don’t really want to just write and link to each one in a long list… is there anything I can do that is better using css??
    Can I put the links in a slider that appears just on one page??

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    The blog I need help with is


    Not with CSS. CSS is for styling, not for adding links.

    Are you sure a page with a list of links won’t work? It should be too hard to manage the links inside the editor. How many links were you wanting to add?

    Or wait, did you mean you want the post slider to link out to external sites? That’s something that would have to be done with custom code and you would have to switch to to get full access to the code in order to make a change like that.



    no, not on the featured slider.
    I think it will have to be a list of links, can you give me some tips on the management of links using the editor? I only want them to appear on one page. I just want them to look as nice and neat as possible…

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