Slider Images Zooming on Stay Theme

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    I am currently building my site with the “Stay” theme and am having issues with the Home Page Sliders. I have built my “featured images” to the same width as the demo page states (960px) but the images are showing up larger and zoomed in. How do I get these to be the correct resolution/not zoomed in? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks all.

    Link to site:

    The blog I need help with is


    You can see the Stay Theme demo page here:

    You will notice that the home slider images are smaller in height and the correct resolution. I have matched my dimensions to these exact dimensions but my image is still showing up zoomed.



    The instructions for the theme don’t say 960px, they say at least 960px (because narrower than that cannot show on the individual page). The max width of the slider isn’t 960, it’s 1200.


    Awesome, worked great! Thank you!

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