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    I’m having trouble with the slider. It only shows posts with images and doesn’t display the ones without. The ones with images don’t appear under “latest posts.” I want it to show all my posts even the ones without images. And I want everything to show up under “latest posts.”

    The blog I need help with is


    I still don’t have a response to my issue. Is there any way that SOMEONE can help me out. It’s really frustrating!!!!!!!!



    The featured posts that appear in the slider cannot also appear in the Recent Posts.

    Featured Slider
    Sight displays up to 30 of your latest sticky posts that have featured images in a prominent slider on the front page. To add a post to the slider, mark it as sticky and give it a featured image.
    Sight featured images
    Large: 640 x 290 in the Sticky posts slider
    Small: 290 x 290 thumbnails are used on the home, category, tag, archives, and search pages.
    Setting a Featured Image

    Theme description:


    It was doing it before. I was even showing the ones without the featured images. And everything was appearing under latest posts. Now it got messed up again. How can I get it back?



    I’m sorry but I just realized you have a customized theme. I’m flagging this thread and it will be moved to the CSS Forum where you can get help.


    Thank you



    Hi @muslimathorne!

    The Sight theme had a bug in it that was allowing all recent posts to show up in the slider. That was fixed today, so now if you want to feature a post in the slider, you must mark it as Sticky and ensure it has a Featured Image that is at least 640px x 290px. Sticky posts will not appear in your list of latest posts to avoid duplication on the home page.

    @timethief‘s instructions for setting up the slider should do the trick. You can read more about Sight here.

    Sorry for the confusion, I hope this clears things up!



    Thanks for clearing that up.


    I guess I just don’t understand. It was kinda better with the “bug”. Now all my posts are out of order and I’m sure readers will be confused which are the latest posts.


    Hello, I am using Sight theme, and I have the custom upgrade. A question still on the sticky posts in the slider. I would like to alternate the color of the background of these posts; it can be possible? And do you have any suggestion how to do it? Many thanks, E.



    Hi @muslimathome,

    Your posts look to be in the correct order. Posts should display from newest to oldest in the slider and also in the recent posts listing. Each post has a date under the title, so your readers will know which posts are the newest.

    HI @laurentdelaye,
    It might be possible to alternate between two background colors with Custom CSS, using the “nth child” pseudo selectors. Could you start a new topic for your question? This will help us to avoid multiple conversations in one thread, and I can provide you with some suggestions.

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