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    Hey I was wondering if anybody who has started a blog recently has been successful in adding the slider to the Oxygen theme. Every tutorial or forum that I’ve looked at has stated that I need to change some settings in a ‘Location’ box, however, this no longer appears on the newest version of WordPress. Can anybody help me please?

    The blog I need help with is


    The theme here may operate differently than the version. That would be what you will find information on out on the web. Take a look at the Oxygen theme page here and look under “Showcase page template” and it explains how to use the slider here. Sometimes theme features have to be changed from the original theme design due to the unique structure of this hosted platform.


    Have you managed to sort it out? It took me ages to get it right (and to get my head around how to set it up) but now that it’s set up as my landing page it works really well – one tip though – make sure you have large pictures to display or it wont work. The posts just end up on your recent post list and not even in the display.



    @peaceloveandsandytoes No I haven’t managed to sort it out. Could you help me in some way please? I’ve tried large images as well, as you suggested.


    Sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you, been a busy couple of days, I had a quick look on your blog and it looks like you have it all sorted out. It looks great and the link to facebook is clever. Will look forward to reading more from you.



    That’s fine! I had a friend sort it out.
    I’m not quite sure if my Facebook link works though (as my Facebook isn’t public). Thanks for the follow! Followed back


    Hey, @deryauzal, how did you get see the “Location” box?/how did you friend make it?

    I’ll really appreciate your help! Thanks!

    Btw, nice blog!



    Hey, @jamesgmatheson, he created a brand new page, set the template to the showcase template and then made that page the static page for when you go to my url. I hope this helps!


    I made it work with a larger featured image. Thanks a lot!



    Help please! I’m still stumped with the slider in Oxygen. I’ve done all that’s been said. Home page, showcase template, static page, large pics. Mine is intended to be a website for a cause


    Hi there one thing to remember is the slider is a showcase for 6 of your best posts not photographs. The post you have you need to make “sticky” which is on the right hand side when you edit the post and then check that your image is over 750 wide and that should work :) let me know if it doesn’t and we”ll troubleshoot some more



    Thank you so very much! I’m all set now.


    Hi there, thanks for all your great input, but I just want to make sure I’m getting this. So to break it down you have to….

    1. create a new page
    2. change the “page attribution” to showcase template
    3. go to settings > reading
    4. select that page as the “static page”
    5. make sure your posts have featured images that are over 750px wide
    ….and then, hypothetically, it should work?

    Also, in order for this to work, do you already have to have 6 posts? I just started recently, so I only have three posts. They should probably make this a bit more intuitive. xD



    1-5 yes, plus
    6. mark a post as sticky if you want it on the slider.

    No, you don’t have to have 6 posts. The slider can display up to 6 posts. Six is best, because then the thumbnails that show below the slider will cover the whole width, but the slider works even with one post only.


    @justpi, Thanks for your swift reply. It finally works now!

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