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    Hi there
    I am writing about a theme with a responsive slider, so I don’t know if you can help.
    I cannot format any images to the size 1140 Width x 445 Height in pixels.
    Please can you advise.

    The blog I need help with is



    Slider images can have a maximum of 1600×440 pixels. Your current slider images are 1000×667 pixels. It’s not possible to resize them to a bigger size. You will need to upload a bigger version of the image so it fills up more space in the header/slider section.

    We think you site is so cool that we’ve added it to the ‘Awesome Blogs using Soundcheck’ section on this page (scroll all the way down).


    Hi there

    Thanks very much for your advice.

    When I try to add larger photos and change the Width to 1140, the Height is automatically changed in relation to this and I cannot override this and make the Height 445 to fit the slider. Please can you advise.

    I really appreciate you adding my blog to “Awesome Blogs Using Soundcheck!” Thanks!


    KInd regards,




    Why do you want to resize them to 1140x445pixels? The slider header are is 1600x440pixels.

    As far as I can see the height is perfect, but the images don’t fill up the entire width because they don’t have the proper width size.

    Note that depending on your screen resolution/monitor size the visitor might see the header image differently.

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