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    je n”arrive pas à installer le slider widget dans la zone Home 1
    Merci de votre aide
    Ci-joint le lien de mon site


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Patrick,

    The Home 1 widget area displays on a page with the “Homepage template”. Your front page is set up for the default, to show your most recent posts.

    If you’d like to use the homepage template, create a blank page titled “home” or something similar. Choose the homepage template from Page Attributes:

    Then, go to Settings->Reading here and select that page as your “static” front page at the top:

    If you have the homepage template on a different page other than the front page, can you please link me directly to the page on which the widget should show?



    Merci Beaucoup

    Cela m’a beaucoup aidé

    Maintenant comment créer des catégories avec le premier article avec une photo plus grande suivi des 3 derniers articles de cette catégorie



    Et autre problèmé

    Ma slidebar a disparu de la page d’acceuil



    The Hompage Template relies entirely on widgets to populate it. If you look at the image under “Widgetized Homepage Template” here, you’ll see what I mean:

    Every area is controlled by a widget.

    Here’s a map of exactly how the demo is set up (with the widgets it uses):

    Home 1: Slider Widget
    Home 2: Spotlight Widget
    Home 6: Custom Posts Widget
    Home 7: Carousel Widget
    Home 8 – Home 10: 2 x Custom Posts Widget
    Footer 1: News in Pictures Widget
    Footer 2: Custom Posts Widget
    Footer 3: Custom Posts Widget
    Footer 4: Textwidget

    I got this from the theme support page here:

    GIve that a try and let me know if you still have questions. :)




    Autre question

    Comment insérer des boutons Facebook, twitter, google + réunis

    Et peut on insérer des logos multi langue



    Hi Patrick,

    You can add Sharing Buttons to your posts and pages in this way:

    You can also create social media icons in a Text widget in this way, and display that widget in any widget area:
    Add Social Media Buttons to Your Sidebar or Footer

    We have some tips on how to set up a Multilingual blog here:
    Set Up a Multilingual Blog

    You could also link to the Google translation of your site in a Text widget. For example:

    <a href="">Read in English</a>

    You can even upload flag icons to your Media Library and associate those with your links to Google translate, in the same way as the instructions for adding Social Media buttons:




    Un grand merci pour votre aide

    Autre soucis, lorsque je mets ma slide hommepage en petit format (620X264), cela me fait un espace à droite. Je voudrais ainsi remonter le Home 6 pour qu’il débute à droite du slider hommepage

    Comment faire ?



    Hi there,

    Make sure you upload images with a size of at least 940 x 400px for the slider, for the best display. You can view the other dimensions for images in the themes under the “5. Images” heading here:

    Does this help?



    Je crois que l’on ne s’est pas compris !

    En fait mon slider Home page prend toute la largeur du site. Je voudrais donc le faire plus petit, ce que je réussi à faire. Mais le problème ça crée un espace (un carré) à droite du slider homepage que je n’arrive pas à combler

    Selon votre modèle on peut le remplir avec le Home 12 que je n’ai pas. meme avec avec le Home 11 ça ne bouche pas ce trou blanc



    Ah, I see. The Widget 12 area is only enabled if you set your site width to 1300px. Yours is currently set to 980px.

    To change this, go to Appearance->Customize->Layout Options->Set Site Width:




    Mais en procédant à tous vos réglages j’ai toujours cet espace bmanc



    Hi there,

    Can you please make the changes again, and leave them so I can take a look at it?


    I checked and I couldn’t see the extra white space you were referring to earlier, but it sounds like you may have changed your settings.

    If you still need help, please link to the page showing the problem you are trying to solve so we can see it in action.


    Since we haven’t heard back in a while and I couldn’t see extra white space when I checked in on your site, I’m going to mark this topic as resolved. If you need further help, please reply here and mark the topic as not resolved or start a new help request.

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