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    hi all. i followed the instructions on trying to add a slideshow in my blog entry. According to the instructions here. It says to paste the code in the entry and it will work out. Somehow it doesn’t. May i know where i went wrong?




    Thanks for the link. I wish more folks would do that around here.

    Looks like you put the code in under the Visual tab of your editor. You need to copy and paste it in under the Code tab. Please note the name. :)

    Hope this helps,


    thks man. i wonder how come u guys can be so efficient in answering? =) it’s so much faster here then in blogspot!haha.

    but, on a serious note. I’ve done what u told me but the problem now is that there are no pictures showing on the page



    Use BubbleShare.

    #96646 i guess there is no solution to the codes from



    I think is different from Rock You configuration that is being used in Slide has javascript codes so it won’t work properly unless you follow the instructions from Rock You post. Look at mine.


    wow..u got a very cool site..i am still trying my best to understand how to make my slide look like yrs.

    cos under the FAQ, they mentioned all 3 programmes can work.

    rock you

    and splash

    really puzzles me



    Thank you. Now I’m embarrassed after you pointed out the FAQ (honestly, I don’t read the wordpress FAQ that much). However, I don’t see blogs listed in the Slides site and a little confused as to why it is mentioned in the FAQ. I’m afraid you must send a feedback for this.


    haha..thks knoizki..guess i will have to heed yr advise..hopefully some kind soul here has the answer as well..

    HK is a beautiful city =)



    knoizki, we’ve noticed.


    hi Dr mike..was wondering if the problem will be resolved?or perhaps users shld stick to rock u and splash instead?




    Well considering that the URL in your slide code doesn’t work, I’d say you have some more work ahead of you. You need to figure out what the correct URL is since it doesn’t work even on the site.

    By the way, please don’t spam my blog.


    sorry, it seems like you are alil pissed/upset with me? i really don’t get it. I was merely asking a question on yr blog.

    i am sorry if that pissed u off.

    i won’t ask anymore. Will try to do what you told, Sir.

    Thks so much for everything

    U have been most helpful


    seriously sorry, guess i won’t ask anymore stupid qns..apologies.


    at, you haev to choose the wordpress code from the little menu on the side. it defaults to html/myspace. see

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