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    I have just updated my website with 3 slideshare presentations sitting next to each other using the “Basic” themes 3-column standard format. I have made the embedded slideshares smaller (340×284) for them to fit next to each other.

    However, by making them smaller, the two buttons (forward and backward) are no longer next to each other. They are on top of each other. So the question is how do I get them aligned as it now looks like crap…

    I chatted with your helpline, who suggested I contacted you for help… So please help!

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Tomas, Slideshare slideshow embeds are done using an iframe and code from Slideshare, and we can’t override that with Custom CSS. I tried several different things and was unable to get the buttons to align side-by-side.


    Thanks for the help. We have now approached Slideshare for help.


    You are welcome, and if you get word back from them, please post here and let us know. I’ll mark this as resolved, but you can unresolve it if and when you reply.


    When talking to third party about their embeds and getting support for them, it helps to be as specific as possible about the problem. For example, make sure to link to the problem in action and include clear steps for exactly how you embedded the Slideshare.

    It might also help them to know you followed this guide:

    But that when you try reducing the shortcode size, the buttons get out of whack. I tested it too and found that anything 305px wide or smaller is too small for the buttons and all the other things on the control bar fit.

    Note that it’s possible that Slideshare simply doesn’t support embeds at widths 305px or smaller.


    Hey folks,

    I am back after having talked to Slideshare and the theme authors, I am still getting nowhere. I thought it would be really easy to align those buttons but it’s obviously not. I am frustrated and disappointed. Everybody seems to be pointing at the other party. You and theme authors are pointing at Slideshare and Slideshare is pointing at you.

    Is there a way for you to talk?

    Jamison at Slideshare is happy to chat with someone at WordPress to get this solved once and for all. His email is (email redacted)

    How about that?



    repeating address: jflinn at slideshare dot com



    I am really sorry. I have just realized that Slideshare must have updated their frames. The frames look different and the new frames have the buttons aligned. I no longer need your help!

    Sorry for this.

    Happy Holidays


    Tomas, I’m glad this is now resolved and working correctly.

    Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you too.

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