Slideshare not fitting correctly

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    Okay so I use the shortcode for, [slideshare id=496437&doc=whatthefissocialmedia070208-1215026815612657-8&w=425] and it does show the slide but it is too big to fit into the column! How do I resize it?


    Change the size of your length and width to fit your blog’s parameters. at the end of code you’ll see &l=&w= Like it appears in the info you provided the width is 425. Change the numbers to fit your entry.


    Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t show a “&l=” anywhere. When I change the 425 it affects the length of the slide share but I cant seem to tighten the width to fit on my blog column.

    I know the “w” would stand for width but that number makes it longer or shorter.

    Any help is appreciated.


    add &l= in front of the &w= Then make your own numbers. As you can see changing the number for l changed the height. W would change the width


    for example &l=400&w=300

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