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  1. I am trying to add a slide show to Twenty Eleven. I have tried to followed the directions provided under support but they are unclear to me - "insert photos and then click "save all" - I can only insert 1 photo at a time and no 'save all' appears. I have tried inserting the photos and typing in [slideshow] where I want it to start and all I get is a post that has [slideshow] showing in the dialogue - ? What am I doing wrong or what am I missing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. crossfitcommanders

    Same here. I don't get a gallery button and when I type [slideshow] it just shows that in the post and the pictures are shown individually

  3. 3ddasdaggiding

    "Switch to the multi-file uploader." in your dashboard.

  4. @lynneayers

    Yeah, the support directions are little misleading; I had to look around a bit to figure it out.

    Actually there's a Gallery tab in the Add Media window. When you click on the tab, all of the images specific to that post should appear, and when you scroll down there should be an Insert Slideshow button.

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