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    I would like to have a slideshow. Do I need “uppgrade” then? According to the support-sides, I should use “gallery” on my dashboard, but my dashboard-menu does not contain “gallery”.

    Also: I do own a domain, but, in case of purchasing uppgrade (for $99), I would like to wait using that domain until I have build the site. Will this part (connecting to a domain) still be valid, if I do it later (not simultaneously when purchasing the upgrade)?

    Jana Erikson

    The blog I need help with is



    Slideshow: which I found by searching for “slideshow”.

    If you are referring to the featured post slider, then you have to write and publish some content first and include a featured image as a part of each post. More on that here:

    Domain mapping: I don’t believe there is a time limit to use the domain mapping upgrade when you buy the $99 Bundle, but the upgrade is renewable annually.




    For a simple and accessible workaround that approximates a slideshow, read this post:

    If you found the above of interest, please give me your feedback by submitting a comment.

    – SB



    OMG! I hope you are not going to drag every thread on slidehsows out of the searchbox and post the same thing into it because we are not allowed to post blog promotions, and because there are many bloggers waiting for their threads to be answered but you are bumping old threads above theirs.



    Hi Time Thief!

    Didn’t know about that rule, sorry. Maybe I pushed out the boat a little too far. Won’t happen again.

    But it’s a stupid rule, if you don’t mind me saying. Are you trying to tell me that if someone on the forums asks for help and I happen to have a post on my blog covering that issue, I’m not supposed to mention it? That’s brain-dead.

    And I didn’t understand your point about bumping people waiting for answers. I think what you were saying was that because I answered some threads, other threads got pushed down the list. Is that it?

    I see what you’re saying. And no more broadcasts, promise. But I think you’re being a bit hard on me. It’s the way the forum is set up that is at fault here. The longer an open, unresolved topic goes without a reply, the higher up the list it should go, imho.

    Had a quick peek at your One Cool Site, btw. Bookmarked it immediately. Will fully explore later.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    – SB

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