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    so I would like to make my page look more interesting. So I decided to add a slideshow to my landing page. But I found out that the slideshows in my theme look like a tablet, which is awful.

    I would prefer a cleaner look:
    automatic slideshow (3 seconds)
    arrows on the corresponding sides for forward / back
    on the bottom a number to show how many items the slideshow contains (e.g. 1/4)
    and in the upper right corner a rectangle in the same blue like my menu in which the caption will be displayed in black letters
    and the pictures (or the caption) should contain a link which would lead to another page, when you click on it

    …. is something like that even possible? Somebody up for the task, please?

    And on a simpler matter:
    On this page: the captions of the pictures are left of it although they should be below it. The HTML is correct and in the preview it shows it correct, but on the actual page it’s wrong… why? It’s driving me crazy..

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Never mind the second matter. I finally solved it…

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