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Slideshow - excluding photos from it.

  1. You can't exclude photos from a slideshow, which is a real problem when you have a PAGE devoted to photos!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Currently the slideshow will only display all photos attached to a post. If you’d like to exclude certain photos you may be interested in using the gallery feature instead.

  3. @missourizbt : Bonjour, of course you can have both slideshow and individual pictures in a post...
    Put your individual pictures in your Media library... they will get an internal blog url adress.
    If you had put these pictures in the gallery of your post, remove them and keep in this gallery only the ones that you want to see in the slideshow.
    Then insert again the individual pictures, one by one at the place you want but give the url adress they got in the internal media library.

  4. Interesting idea!

    At present, the only way to remove photos from a Sideshow is to delete them entirely, because the "exclude/include" function doesn't work in a Slideshow.

    After you've deleted them from the Post/Page you can reupload them directly to the Media Library and then insert them by URL, as tassiopee mentions.

    Don't use the "insert from the media library" in the Post Editor because that will attach them to the post and they'll be included in the Slideshow.

  5. Goodmorning.
    Can I put slideshows in the sidebars? I mean, not in a post, but just in the main page (like a widget)
    Thank you.

  6. @communiko-Not the native Slideshow, no. But you can insert a smallish Gallery. (see one on my photoblog )

  7. No, the slideshow only works in posts: the images must be attached to the post where they are displayed. You can use a Flickr slideshow in a sidebar, though your pictures will have to be uploaded to Flickr:

  8. ~~justjennifer: morning!!

  9. ~~~~1tess!

  10. Thank you! I'll take a look at your blog. I have an account flickr so I'll try to use it for a slideshow.

  11. @ Domenico,
    The flickr link is not my blog—(Panos) he's a good smart volunteer on these forums, very thorough and helpful if you need more info.
    happy blogging…

  12. Tess, it works perfectly!!! thank you very much!

  13. @tassiopee Hm, one drawback to the "insert by URL" option seems to be a resizing issue if you change themes. Just FYI

  14. thank you Jennifer, I will check... I never changed my theme....

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