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    I’m using theme “Koi by N.Design” that has custom pulldown menus. They worked great until I decided to put a slideshow on my home page. All of a sudden I could only see half the pulldown (or dropdown) menus. After looking at it closely, the menu is still there but doesn’t display the options that pass in front of the slideshow.

    Steps to reproduce :
    – Go to following link to start slideshow :
    – Put your mouse-pointer over menu Links

    I tried to log out of WordPress, clear my browser cache and cookies, restart my browser and try again. But the problem is still there. This issue is occurring in IE8, Firefox, and Chrome (on Windows 7).

    I suppose that there is a conflict between z-index from slideshow and theme.

    Is there a solution for this ?

    Exists there a z-buffer parameter for slideshow (something like [slideshow z-buffer=1] ) ?

    The blog I need help with is



    Sounds like there’s a bug with the theme. The drop downs should go in front of the slideshow. I have flagged this for staff attention.



    For comparison, I tested [slideshare id=...] with the drop down menus from theme Koi, and with slideshare the drop downs menu go in front of the slideshow. But slideshare doesn’t play the slideshow automatically, so it can not be used as workarround.

    See here the link that uses [slideshare id=...] instead of [slideshow] :



    Youtube also shows the drop down menu in front of the video. See following link :

    So it seems that only [slideshow] has problems with drop down menus.




    Thanks for the detailed bug report — I’ve made a quick change to Koi that should fix the drop-down menus hiding underneath the slideshow. I hope this helps!



    Is the new version from Koi already uploaded to ?

    I tried the following steps :
    – go to
    – click button Activate

    But the problem is not fixed. The drop-down menu is underneath the slideshow.



    Ahh, I failed to push the big red button. My bad. It’s working now. :)



    Thanks for your fast response. It is working now.



    I have the same problem with Twenty Twelve theme for the website How do I fix it?

    On a side note, is there a way to decrease the size of the squares on the gallery pages or change the number of paintings per row?

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