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    This morning when I went to my group blog, a slideshow was running in Sidebar 2 using the Text widget. Here was the text on that widget

    [slideshow id=3026418949639948607&w=426&h=320]

    This slideshow id was for a slideshow of bookcovers I had set up on However, the bookcovers running in the sidebar were of different bookcovers (of a guest blogger we’d had a day or so before) than what I had associated with this slideshow id.

    I copied the text above to a Word Doc to save it and then deleted it.

    I recopied the id from and repasted it back to the text widget. It didn’t work.

    Now copying and pasting the original text (what I saved to the word doc) no longer brings up these bookcovers, or any bookcovers.

    No user on the blog knows how this slideshow got posted or started or how to duplicate it.

    Any clues of how this happened?

    Also, I really want to run a slideshow of jpeg bookcovers in the sidebar. I realize that we used and cannot add plug-ins like I can with

    I really need a slideshow widget for

    Any help?

    The blog I need help with is


    The slideshow shortcode can only be used in a post or a page. It creates a slideshow based on images attached to that post or page, and it accepts no “id” or other additional code. Perhaps you’re confusing it with slideshare:


    For the sidebar, you can use Flickr – see here:



    You can also check out a post that has a lot of slideshow examples. Although Flickr images are used in the slideshows, many of the services mentioned there let you add images located elsewhere online or in your computer.

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