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    I’m halfway through my first WP site and very clueless about all things webby.
    I’m relying on slideshows at the top of several pages as my content is very pic heavy. The slideshows appear perfectly on my pc (have tried 3 different browsers), and works fine on ipad, phone, friends tablet etc, but have had someone else say they just see a blank space where the slideshow should be, and their friend apparently couldn’t see all of them either.

    Has anyone else found slideshows to be generally not ideal in terms of not everyone being able to see them? Any solutions? if you look at the website its the individual villa pages that are the problem -pretty essential for the purpose of the site :-(

    I have done my site on and haven’t touched CSS, just done via templates.

    Any ideas gratefully received!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want the images to be accessible for everyone, the better choice IMHO is to use the Gallery feature combined with the full screen Image Carousel which can also be viewed now on smartphones.

    Since you’ve already uploaded the photos to each Page for the Slideshow, you can easily switch to the Gallery.

    Open your Page Editor and look for the Text tab next to the Visual tab of the Editor. In the Text tab, where you see
    in the code, change it to

    When you switch back to the Page’s Visual Editor, you’ll see a placeholder where the Gallery will appear in your Page. If you preview, you’ll see thumbnails in the Page rather than the Slideshow. If you want to adjust the number of columns, the order of display, then click the upper left corner of the placeholder and edit the Gallery’s settings.
    Remember to save your changes.

    Clicking on any thumbnail should bring up the Image Carousel. If it doesn’t, click over to Dashboard>Settings>Media Settings and make sure the box is checked next to “Display images in full-size carousel slideshow”. Again, remember to save your settings.


    Thanks for the reply. The problem is there are as many as 30 images per villa page, and with all the written info that’s just too much on one page. Is there anyway that one thumbnail can link to an entire gallery? Rather than having all the images as a gallery of thumbnails?



    Yes there is. As far as accessibility, I’d try it out on one post first and then ask your friends to test that post on every available device. I could only test mine on my PC and smartphone.

    Since you seem to be using a Custom Menu, you can also publish a separate page for only the Gallery images and then insert a single image in the villa Page that will link to that published, but hidden page.


    Thanks, that looks like it might be the best option. I will try out your first suggestion later on, as the second one sounds complicated (I didn’t know I was using a custom menu!!)

    I may be back!!

    Thanks so much. By the way, could you see the slideshows OK?



    No problems. I’m using Chrome 22 on a Win7 machine.

    Everything other than the Slideshow requires another click on the part of the user. The first will be quicker whether you are using the custom menu or not, but you won’t be able to use the Image Carousel with it (caveat noted in the notes on that post I linked to) and the second isn’t complicated really, but it does require using the Custom Menu to keep the new Page out of the navigation bar.



    Thinking about it a little further the second option of using a new Page for the Gallery is also quick if you use the Gallery shortcode together with the ID number of the Page where you inserted the Slideshow.

    You’d just need to create the new page, insert the following code in the Text Editor tab
    [gallery id="xxx"]
    where xxx is the ID of the page where the original slideshow appeared. (How to find the Page/Post ID number)

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