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    I’ve finally figured out how to make it a slide, but now I can’t get it to actually slide. Only the featured picture shows up. None of my other pictures that are part of the slide actually show up. How do I get them to show up???


    The blog I need help with is



    How many featured posts marked as sticky posts with featured images did you create? I’m asking because I use the Sight theme myself and it will auto-advance.

    Featured Slider
    Sight displays up to 30 of your latest sticky posts that have featured images in a prominent slider on the front page. To add a post to the slider, mark it as sticky and give it a featured image.
    Sight featured images
    Large: 640 x 290 in the Sticky posts slider
    Small: 290 x 290 thumbnails are used on the home, category, tag, archives, and search pages.
    Setting a Featured Image

    Theme description:


    I only have one post that’s marked as sticky. And I’m still trying it out so I only uploaded two photos onto the gallary then uploaded the slideshow with only one photo marked as the featured photo.




    It seems that you are misunderstanding what the slider does. The slider does not act like a picture gallery in a post. As timethief referenced, each slide in the slider is different post and you can show up to 30 posts. Each post can only have one Featured Image as a representation of the post.

    Hope it clarifies how the slider works.


    Ok I finally figured it out. Thank you so much!

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