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Slideshow Question

  1. I see where you can enable the slideshow feature, but this only gives a slideshow of the images within a post. Is there a way to do a slideshow off all the images in all your posts or in your media library?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm no expert on slideshows, but I don't think you can: images in a slideshow must be attached to the post. Could be, though, that someone knows a work-around.

  3. Hi,

    I don't mean to be a pain, but I was asking two separate questions. One question was if it was possible to do a slide show of all the images in your Media Library, which your opinion was that you can't.

    My second question dealt with the Gallery within a post. From my experimentation, it appears that only images that are in the Gallery within a post get included in the slide show. You can have other images that are part of the post, but if they don't appear in the Gallery, they aren't part of the slide show - they are just static images. I can't seem to find a way to get images in my Media Library (which is Global) to be added to the Gallery, which is just for a particular post. I can do it when uploading an image from my computer, but not for an image already in my Media Library.

    I still am interested in finding the answer to the second question.


  4. The slideshow shortcode uses only the images attached to a post or page in its gallery.

    If you have unattached images in your media library, you can temporarily insert them into your post to attach them. Then they will work in the slideshow.

    If the images in the media library are already attached to another post, then you have to re-upload them into the post where you want the slideshow. (best to give them a new name or wp will add a number to the original name and you can easily be confused). An image can be attached to only one post.
    This is where someone may know a work-around.

    If you want to display a gallery with images attached to other posts, you can do it by including their id numbers:
    [gallery include=”23,39,45″]
    Unfortunately the slideshow shortcode won't allow you to do that.

  5. Here is a good article about using the gallery shortcode feature:

    The slideshow shortcode seems to be based on the gallery shortcode but without all the features.

  6. Thanks for the useful information. My last question (for now!) is: We're going to be traveling with an iPad. I would like to be able to create slideshows using the iPad. I don't think the WordPress app supports that function, and there are also problems with the app that need to be worked out. If you go to the WordPress Website using a Bbrowser to do a post with the iPad, you can't get at the images on your iPad because they're part of the Photos app, and the WordPress media uploader doesn't recognize them.

    I've used another app, Blogpress, which works well for getting images posted. I then have tried going to my Blog through the WordPress website to edit the post and add a slideshow. The process looks like it is working the same as when I do it on my desktop computer, but when I view my post, it only shows the static images, not a slideshow.

    If anyone knows if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a workaround, I would appreciate hearing about it.


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