Slideshow Settings & Unattaching Images

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    hi – my blog is
    my questions pertain to this post: called “come on UP this time!”

    i’m using the new slideshow feature – there isn’t really any info about it on the support pages – support treats it just like a gallery. Looks like most of the forums’ back-and-forth about unattaching images has sort of devolved into insults with no answers, so I’m starting a new thread about this!

    First of all, is there a way to edit slideshow settings? I’d like to slow the speed at which the pictures change so that my viewers can read the captions.

    second – I’d like to remove some of the pictures from the slideshow. I hoped that by not numbering them when I ordered the photos i DID want in the slideshow, they just wouldn’t show up, but no such luck. I get that they’re showing up because they are part of the gallery of pics I uploaded in one big load, but I can’t figure out how to delete them from the gallery without deleting them entirely and permanently. It seems like I need to “unattach” them from the post, but I can’t figure out how to do that, either!

    thanks in advance for your expertise and advice!

    The blog I need help with is



    I would love to know also how to control the speed of the slideshow also. I realize one can manually go backwards and forwards to slow it down.

    At this post, in 2nd last frame of post, is slideshow. It nearly makes a person seasick in trying to read my captions…which means next time maybe I better keep it short.


    • Unfortunately the WP slideshow isn’t just like a gallery, because the gallery comes with various options while the slideshow comes with exactly none. Staff have promised that (some day) they’ll improve the feature.

    • You cannot unattach an attached image. You can exclude an image from showing in a gallery, but not from showing in a slideshow. The only way to remove it from the slideshow is to delete it from your Media Library.


    thanks, panaghiotisadam! not the news i was hoping for – but, on the other hand, it’s sorta nice to know i’m not just an idiot who couldn’t figure it out!

    THANK YOU for answering – much appreciated :)



    since i wondering about same issue i think it is suitable for me to ask here.

    how can i attach unattached images to scheduled posts. since only attached images are being showed in the slideshow. unless i cant use slideshows if i am not posting it immediately.


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    You can upload images to a scheduled post. It is not necessary to insert the images into the post. Just uploading the images while you are editing the post will make them attached to that post.

    If you have already uploaded the images directly to the media library so they are not attached to any post or page, then go to edit your post, insert the unattached image, then delete it (unless you want it to display in that post). The formerly unattached file will now be attached to your post.


    @ch3stnuthiller: You’re welcome.

    (How about the question in my blog?)

    @murato: As you’ve probably found out, the “Attach” tab doesn’t work with scheduled posts. As Tess said, you have to upload or insert the image to the scheduled post.

    (Why upload unattached images instead of uploading them via the “Add an image” button of the post editor in the first place?)

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