slideshow shortcode & other features: Coraline, Twenty Ten themes

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    I understand that slideshow shortcode works best on theme templates that are fixed width.

    However I am curious to know if anyone here has the slideshow shortcode working for either of these themes (please provide your blog links as examples):
    Twenty Ten

    Presumably for either of these above themes, if slideshow shortcode works, it would be for 2-column wide set-up, not 3-column wide set-up?
    As you can see, I already use slideshow shortcode in Misty Look.

    Coraline is also improved upon template.

    if anyone has done comparison between these 2 templates or switched from one to the other, please comment.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m wondering if it would work if you contained it within an HTML table?


    Slideshow ok in both Coraline (no matter what the layout) and 2010.



    Thanks for confirming the slideshow functionality!

    Still interested in other people’s experiences/prefernces between these 2 themes for other features. I would like to somehow see more blogs that are using the current Coraline since its improvements are new.



    Google search string > Coraline
    Search results >

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