Slideshow ( and rockyou) NOT working!

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    I cannot get a consistently functioning slideshow.’s help/support STINKS and no one here was able to answer why or tell when it would get better. So, I decided to try the alternative: Rockyou. It’s just as bad or worse. Embed does not work. Edits don’t take until third attempt or so. Inexplicably rotates photos. Refuses captions…AARRGGHHH.Any help?


    hmmmm, works perfectly for me. You need to choose the generic html option once you create your show. I have it on this blog:


    OOOPS Sorry, I was half asleep when I left this. It does work as the link above shows. Use this and replace the slide guest id for your slide show in place of mine. You get the slide ID from your address bar when you’re at, viewing your slideshow.
    [slideguest id=576460752305599439&w=450&h=344]


    thanks diamondfistwerny, but I’m not sure this answers my problem. I can log in fine, to either or but ..the functionality of each is inconsistent and I have been able to embed successfully only once.

    here is the link to the one successful embed:

    support was terrible at and rockyou seems to have none at all…

    dying to add another now to my sports blog and cannot get it to work.

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