Slideshow "solution" of adding shortcode does not solve the problem.

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    I use the slideshow feature on almost every page of my blog.

    Suddenly, it’s gone, and the “solution” I found on the forums – simply applying the shortcode after attaching images – does not work.

    Can someone please tell me when it will be fixed and give me a timeline on that real solution?


    The blog I need help with is


    It seems to be working on your site. :)



    All of those slideshows were put in place before WordPress changed their add media process.

    I have no way to install NEW slideshows on new pages and posts.


    The thing I overlooked when I tried the new slideshows was that you actually have to upload the images to the page/post you want them on using the ‘Add Media’ button.

    Then the short code worked like a charm.

    I hope that helps!



    Darn – I did try that, but it hasn’t worked yet. I’ll keep at it, but thanks for the response. =)



    Please provide an active link starting with http:// to this page or post that you are placing the [slideshow] shortcode on.



    I typed [slideshow] on its own line after the first sentence, and no slideshow is present.


    Ha, I’ve had a different but similar problem. Can get slideshow but not in the correct order.

    Mine are back to front. So I can get a slideshow, I can change the order (via gallery faffing) but I can’t get it to start from the beginning.

    I used slideshow a lot too – saves cluttering up my blog with too many photos and I dislike the gallery thumbnail format :(



    Problem solved – I had to reattach the images to the post and then the shortcode worked. Thank goodness!

    As for the order of the slideshow, I’ve heard it is dependent on which order you upload the images (oy vey). Good luck!



    Could someone explain exactly how to do this please? I used to use slideshow a lot then all of a sudden the simple button to insert one has disappeared. Why???

    I tried copying a previous blog post which has a slideshow but the photos still went in a big long line. I kept the [slideshow] at the end of them but it didn’t work.

    Thanks in advance :)

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