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slideshow stopped working (javascript message)

  1. Hello!

    My slideshows and slider (oxygen theme) were working just fine.

    But today i get this message:

    "this slideshow needs javascript"

    Also, the slider (showcase page) in the home page freezed, it's not working (no movement or linking to posts)

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same issue! Have an exhibition tonight and the slideshow is a FOCAL part of it!! Please help!!!!

  3. Weirder still: If I log out of it is broken, if I log in, it works... WHY?!

  4. yes, why?

  5. it's working fine now

  6. capitainecourageux

    Same problem! Any solutions or comments about it?

  7. Hi, Forum
    Troubles with slideshows are also showing at my blog, one over "benevolence" template. Blog I browsed and item isn't cracking all slideshows; some pages and posts have slideshows running finely, as they're supposed hugely to do. Help, please, in regard of the annoyance in visitors, and avoidable overwork for blogger(s).

  8. Please provide URLs starting with http:// to posts or pages that display this issue on them.

  9. Thanks over your quick answer, "timethief". Maybe global asserting time can't be neither theft nor vandalized, I guess.
    Urls in my site where I saw the issue: a) ; b) (bottom of page).
    Another url likewise with SlideShow, where tool is at function:

  10. FWIW I took this username long before it had a negative connotation. I took it because I have twice escaped the grim reaper and I live on borrowed time now. Thanks for posting the URLs as they will be useful to Staff who will be assisting you with this issue.

  11. Ok & hugs
    For sure you know time is a recent invention. Meanwhile I try ♥fully to spell "joy at the contact", and for ever after, you please keep grooving. (English is tough for me)

  12. Hi again,
    It’s the weekend and though Staff are located all over the world and there are Staff who are working away in the backend invisible to us on this support forum, we usually experience a visible Staff presence during weekdays and primarily during prime time on the internet for North America. So please be patient while waiting for a response from Staff.

  13. Hi hipersalenas, I can see that you've used the [slideshow] shortcode. Slideshows now are an integrated part of Image Galleries. To learn how to insert an image gallery and the new slideshows, please have a look here:

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

  14. Timethief was right: Staff have showed up: Howdy, Richard...
    Quite a few questions I have, indeed, focusing some healthy way thru of my own, at the WPress experience. By the time, on «Image Galleries Issue», I got a slight look in "http://...images/gallery/". And I've tried in my pages, those with slideshows at sleep I saw, the new shortcode: [gallery type="slideshow"] ; it doesn't help. But hold on, Richard... ; in a while I'll read thoroughly that support page; thanks, and listen: in looking what happens, we'll be?

  15. Hi hipersalenas,

    Have a good look at that support page and let me know if you have problems with it. I look forward to seeing what your final result will be!

  16. Hi Richard...
    Final result was: I've wiped off old and new shortcodes, in both urls I'd refered you previously, after some tries in wich I've also noticed some pieces of new code showed up in my sites drafts; these I removed, because support page says them are useless for the SlideShows options I'd clicked. The operations had exhausted me, and the slideshow galleries didn't worked. Doesn't matter, never mind, on this issue. Other compensatory steps forward I wanted to deal on with Staff, are kept for a wished continuity over the convenient channel. Thanks for all.

  17. Hi,

    I'm sorry you're still having difficulty. If you want to try again, I'd be glad to help you more. When you're up to it, you can create a new slideshow, and if it doesn't work for you, leave it as is and give me the link to it, so I can see what the difficulty is.

    Y si se le hace más fácil escribirme en español para explicarme exactamente que es lo que le está causando dificultades, que lo haga por favor. Estoy para servirle. :)

  18. Estoy entendiendo su mensaje, Richard. Para hacer yo algún Nuevo Intento con Gallery-SlideShow (considerando yo el detalle porque parece ser para mi audiencia objetivo conveniente e interesante), primeramente tendré que completar temas mios más presenciales. Si me hicieres en Hipersalenas un comment, contaríamos entonces, sin prisas, con el canal de email: puede ser suministrativo de discreciones solucionarias en su respaldo para mi marchita. Atentamente, SEM

  19. Hi!

    It'd be best if you posted here, once you have a slideshow that you want me to look at. Mejor que contesta aquí una vez que tenga su slideshow ya hecho. :)

  20. ~ Está legal. ~

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