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Slideshow that is iPad Compatible

  1. I use slideshows from Slideshare on my blog but it was recently brought to my attention that you can't see these when my site is viewed on the iPad. Does anyone know of any other slideshow or slideshow-like options that are iPad compatible? Thanks very much for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not at this time. The built in wordpress slideshow is flash as well, but I expect at some point the will move it over to HTML5 and then it will be compatible with the i-thingies. I have an iPhone and would like to see this as well.

  3. what a bummer! does anyone have any ideas for a way to show step-by-step photos in a way that is i-thingy compatible?

  4. Natively, only thing I can think of is using the Gallery shortcode and linking to the attachment pages. Those have "Previous" and "Next" buttons and you can include text on the attachment pages as well.

    More here:
    Even more here:
    Demos here:

    Alternatively, but not having an iPad I do not know if these other slideshows are compatible.

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