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    I want a slideshow, not a gallery. However, the option on “edit post” is only allowing “Add Media” which does not allow you to “Insert Slideshow”. I used to be able to always “Insert Slideshow”. Where did this option go? I don’t like the gallery setting layout.

    The blog I need help with is



    its the new media gallery that came out yesterday-for now,to put the slideshow use,the shortcode [slideshow] in the post you want to insert the gphotos, or if you want to use the mosaic feature use [gallery type="square"] and you can chenge it from rectangle circles



    Sorry for the trouble!

    We’re working to bring the slideshow button back.

    For now, you can insert a slideshow with the [slideshow] shortcode, provided that the images have already been uploaded through the post or page.

    1. Open the post or page for editing.
    – 1b. Upload images via the post or page if they have not been uploaded yet.
    2. Place the cursor where the slideshow will be.
    3. Type [slideshow]
    4. Click Update to publish the changes.


    How do I make it so if i click on a picture in the slideshow, it takes it to that picture file/image page?


    When you say upload, do you mean insert?
    Also, what about images which are already in the media library? How do I make a slide show using those?
    One other thing, if I were to paste a slideshow from a page into a new post, would it work?



    @riverwaymobros-no way to do so directly by clicking on a Slideshow image. If you want you can add a Gallery directly beneath the Slideshow by adding the Gallery shortcode [gallery]

    @outofthetrinketbox – Unlike the Gallery, images in a Slideshow must be uploaded (attached) to the post or page where you want them to appear. You can’t select random images from the Media Library and then use the Slideshow shortcode.

    After you are done uploading the images, you can go ahead and insert the Gallery and then change the shortcode that appears in the post to [slideshow]`


    @justjennifer – Hi. Thanks for the help. I tried what you said. However, the gallery does not appear as a shortcode. Instead an a box appears indicating the gallery. Any way to display shortcodes?



    You’ll see the Gallery box in the Visual editor tab, and the shortcode in the Text editor tab.



    Yes, sorry for overlooking that. As macmanx said, the shortcode will appear in the Text Editor tab.


    @justjennifer @maxmanx; so I tried this. It still doesn’t work. As soon as I change the word gallery to slideshow it disappears. Also what appears in the text editor is:
    [gallery link="post" ids="124,109,108,110,106,107,103,102,101,105,104,100,96,97,98,94,95,99"]

    Maybe I am doing something wrong. Not sure what, though. and I’ve never had this problem before.



    @outofthetrinketbox – If you uploaded the images to that post, after you finish uploading, insert the gallery and then replace the entire gallery shortcode in the Text Editor with the shortcode for the slideshow.



    @justjennifer have tried everything; it’s just not working; anyway will just use it as a gallery for now; then will figure later on


    @justjennifer so i tried something else and it worked! if i upload new images, done use ones that exist in my media gallery, then the slideshow options works when i change the gallery shortcode to slideshow (and i didnt replace the entire thing, i only replaced the word gallery) thanks so much for all your help



    You might have overlooked my answer here where I mentioned that the images must be uploaded and attached to the post for the slideshow to work. :) Glad that worked for you and you are most welcome.

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