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Slideshow w/ new uploader

  1. I can't find the slideshow option in the new media uploader! Can someone tell me where it is? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    I've just read that you can just type [slideshow] in your post where ever you want it. (That is if you have uploaded media to the post.)

    I have problems though, get the failure "This slideshow requires JavaScript", so be aware that something is wrong with wordpress at the moment...

  3. The option's gone for now but we plan to bring slideshows back soon. They were an unfortunate temporary casualty of other significant media management improvements.

    @ktmcleopatra, if you're getting a javascript error, that's a browser issue. The slideshow does require javascript, but so does much of WordPress, and an error like that usually indicates that javascript is disabled.

  4. so does that mean i can do it the way ktmcleopatra said, or it's just not an option at all...?

    wish i had known before i spent an hour picking out photos!

  5. Ok...why do you have the solution I mentioned in your support-answers, if the option is gone?

    And why does the slideshow-function work in other blogs than mine? I do not have a browser problem, because I can see slideshows in other wordpress blogs...

    I have built all my blog posts on slideshows, and now the message "This slideshow requires JavaScript" shows in every post. What to do????

    I also have a on and off edit-mode problem. Content in posts doesn't show (earlier today it was ok, yesterday not ok), and the formatting icons disappear...

  6. @traciep, yes, inserting [slideshow] into the post should do the trick, provided images are attached to the post already (that is, that they appear in the gallery).

  7. that worked, but they're all out of order and there are pics that i had not selected. any backroads way to edit the slideshow without the uploader function?

    and by soon, how long will it be until it's official again? this is frustrating! thanks

  8. kathrynwp, another Happiness Engineer, gave some suggestions here on how to deal with slideshow ordering:

  9. @traciep, I can't give a timeline, but I can tell you that the feature is under active development right now, so please do stay tuned and keep an eye on the media feature for the addition.

  10. Just to follow up, we've now added the slideshow option back into the media manager.

  11. Hello All!

    Just posted an article outlining a simple and accessible alternative to WP's slideshow. Does not require JavaScript!

    Comments/suggestions appreciated.

    - SB

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