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    I have added a slideshow in my site and I would like to have some music playing automatically as long as the slideshow goes on without anybody interfering. I do not know whether it is possible, I have found various opinions, some refer to plugins etc., I can not clear the matter. Could you please assist me? Thank you, Panos

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think that is possible in as this platform does not support external plug-ins ( is different from

    Try editing your pictures and music together in a video editor (eg. iMovie, Windows Movie Maker) then upload to YouTube. This process is quite easy especially if you have prior knowledge working with these programs.

    From there paste a link into your post on a separate line. (see: for additional support)



    Thank you linearfix,
    As I understand it, if I upload to YouTube and make a link, the viewer will leave the site, which I do not want.
    Is there a way to put the music in the slideshow without a plugin? I don’t want it to be related with any button such as next etc, just in one specific page, when you open it, the slideshow and music to start automatically and stop when you leave the page.
    Thank you again, Panos



    Did you know that you can embed a YouTube video? Your visitors can stay on your website while viewing the video



    Thank you airodyssey, I didn’t know it, I will try it



    Just a word of warning: Autoplay is something that blog readers find intensely irritating.



    Another word of warning…if the music that you upload to YouTube accompanying your pictures is copyrighted by someone else, you’re likely to run into trouble with YouTube. And at the very least, you might not be able to post it externally, i.e. to your own site.

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