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  1. How do I insert a slideshow with the upgraded media features? I use the slideshows all the time on my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry for the trouble!

    We're working to bring the slideshow button back.

    For now, you can insert a slideshow with the [slideshow] shortcode, provided that the images have already been uploaded through the post or page.

    1. Open the post or page for editing.
    - 1b. Upload images via the post or page if they have not been uploaded yet.
    2. Place the cursor where the slideshow will be.
    3. Type [slideshow]
    4. Click Update to publish the changes.

  3. Thank you for your prompt answer! I will use the above steps for now until the slideshow buttton is back.

  4. You're welcome!

  5. I've been trying the method described here for a while and can't get it to work. I get the impression from other forum posts that other bloggers are having the same problem! HELP!

  6. Would you please give us the URL of the post or page where the slideshow isn't working for you?

  7. Is it possible to insert two different slideshows with different images in one post?
    Related to this, I would also like to know how can you select only some images through the media library? For example some images that I only want to insert into the post and the others I can to use for a slideshow.
    Is this possible.
    Thanks in advance for your time and support.

  8. No, you can only have one slideshow per post.

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