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  1. Hi. I would like to create a page that contains images--either as a gallery or as a slideshow. I don't want to use the RockYou service or any outside service. I tried followin the instructions in the support site but it's not working. I have images the images on my computer and in my media library on wordpress. On the support site it says that I should see buttons for "slideshow" and "gallery" but I do not see them. My theme is ipad2 and I would like to have the gallery or slideshow on the page marked "Gallery". Can somebody please explain to me in layman's terms how to do this step-by-step? Thank you peace. The site I want to do this on is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Issue resolved. Figured it out. Peace.

  3. Can you tell me how you resolved it? Thanx

  4. I see it :

    Becomes " Gallery " by using the menu options in the Theme section.

    When you open all features in screen options, you will be able to change the "slug" from gallery-3 to gallery

    then you link will become :

  5. What I did was this: basically I started from scratch by erasing all of the images in my gallery and the gallery page itself. I then re-created the page, hit the button to add media, then re-uploaded (from my computer) all the images I wanted to add at once (not just one image at a time, but all of them: selecting them from computer using the "control" key). Once I did that, it was simple from there. After all of the images are uploaded, you'll see buttons at the bottom of the screen for "gallery" and "slide show". Just click whatever you want, and it will insert it onto the page. I used both a gallery and a slide show. Keep in mind that I am using the "ipad 2" theme, so this may be slightly different for you, but it should work. Hope this helps. Please let me know if it did. Peace.

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