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Slideshows/powerpoint that link to posts

  1. ive been at this for quite some time. im trying to make a slideshow whose pictures will link to pages in my site. im not sure if this can be done right now as ive tried making a show in each one of the slideshows allowed on WP. ive also tried loading a powerpoint document but it just links to a download of the file.

    is there anyway i can make the pictures in the slideshows able to link to urls? or, is there a way to play a powerpoint presentation in a post?

  2. If you put "Slideshow" in the search box, you'll find a lot of threads on what formats are supported here and what are not. Same with "Powerpoint."

    And no, slideshows are not able to present clickable URLs at this time at

  3. thanks

  4. To publish slideshows on you may use
    for a tutorial. On that post you'll also find a working example of slideshow containing clickable links to web sites.

  5. Really? That's a feature I didn't know we had. The OP also said they'd already tried. Is there a special trick to it?

  6. Only "normal" powerpoint means. Just add a link to the slide using powerpoint (or similar), save the presentation, upload it to slideshare, publish it on your blog. Look at page 3 of the presentation shown in the FAQ I kinked above.

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