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    i am new here and am wondering why the site is so slow??? it takes forever to load anything and to change pages while designing. any answers?



    maybe because you have slow net connection, because it works well and fast :)



    I’m having the same problem. Something is going on.



    Same here….


    I can’t seem to do any editing at all now. It’s completely frozen. I’ve been told by readers that the pages are loading slowly for them, too.


    For what it’s worth, after I posted that comment and went back to my page, it seemed to have snapped back to normal, at least for the time being. I’m still having trouble uploading an image, but whether it’s related to this issue or not I have no idea. Before my editing page was freezing altogether when I tried to upload pics. Now it seems to be working, but the photo isn’t “crunching” (just have a white space–no image). I think I’ll just give it some time and try again later.


    I have high speed and it’s just working now for me to get to “Create Post”.



    It’s slooowwww for me too! Still. Also, I load everything using Mozilla Firefox but then check it on IE and my newest photos haven’t loaded at all there! I expect that WordPress is either doing some maintenance or simply having problems with their servers. Most problems seem to work out with a little patience.


    Slow as molasses. Yawn. Time to explore the sunny outdoors while WordPress fixes this problem.



    We were having some network problems, but things should be back to normal now. Sorry for the problems.


    I cannot get a new post to post— same other problems as above– but new post only shows up as a draft.. any way I can fix it???



    thanks wordpress; today things are fast, i was unsure if it was you or me, i have high speed cable internet and it usually works very fast. yesterday was very frustrating, but it seems great now

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