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    The problem is :
    When I begin working on WP, when you support guys open my WP blog, everything goes fine, as described.
    I can wright, check things, load images. In a a acceptable peformance.
    BUT, when I stay a little longer, making adjustments, posting, etc, suddenly WP becomes very, very slow.
    This always happens.Since I began putting my wP blog to function.
    That’s why I sent this kind of rude message (sorry).
    I will try your recomendations.
    But I want to WP tech people to know : this really happens!
    Blog url:



    Hi there!

    I’m so sorry, this definitely shouldn’t be the case. is served out of multiple data centers in the USA. Additionally, we make use of Content Delivery Networks around the world to make sure static assets (CSS and JavaScript) are delivered as quickly as possible, regardless of your location. There may be some sort of connection problem or slowdown between your location and one of our facilities, so I need to ask you a few questions to narrow this down.

    Could you load the following URLs and tell me if any of them are slow?

    Whereabouts in the world are you based?

    If you have no problems loading the above pages, it may be a specific element on your blog. The Web Inspector in Safari and the Firebug plug-in for Firefox will show you how long each thing takes to load on the page. Would you mind installing those and telling us what the slowest things are? Let us know if you get stuck.

    Last question (I promise!) are there other blogs that are slow for you on, or is it your dashboard, just your front page?

    I need to ask you a few questions to get as much information as possible about your situation.

    Whereabouts in the world are you based.

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