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Slow day?

  1. Is it just me, or are other people seeing a dramatic drop in page views today? I don't want to be smug or make myself out to be more awesome than I probably am, but I normally get between 100-150 views a day. Right now I only have 7.

    I don't want people to visit my blog out of sympathy (though you might get a good chuckle or two). I was just wondering if other people might be experiencing the same thing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am in the same boat. I usually pull around 60-80 on a non-new post day (and its been that way for months) and right now I have 5. Something is definitely off - this is not normal at all.

    What's going on?

  3. I wonder if some of my followers are not being sent emails of my new posts.

  4. I didn't post anything new today, so I don't know if its a subscription problem. I only know that today's numbers are well-below my average. I haven't seen a single digit day since my first post. I know know what to think.

  5. I posted yesterday and only got 78. I usually get -roud 150 on post days. I just posted another one that is on my queue for Thursday just to see what would happen.

  6. I was getting about 75 a day and am setting at 24 views yesterday and 5 views today, which surprises me a little because I just published two new posts. Not sure why it is flat-lining unless the material is uninteresting.

  7. I have a pretty steady readership - numbers are relatively the same week in and week out and have been for more than 6 months. Today's steep drop came out of nowhere, which is why I'm scratching my head. If it keeps up, I'll be contacting support to see if there's anything strange going on. Until then, I'm blaming solar flares. ;-)

  8. kennethmarkhoover

    Readership will fluctuate from time to time. Don't be worried about daily fluctuations, look at it long term.

  9. Kenne is right.
    I was not here on my blog for 10 days and I saw more than average visitors on my site in that duration. These fluctuations are normal.

  10. I get that readership can fluctuate, but it just seems odd that I would get less views the last couple of weeks than I did during the first couple of weeks after I launched my blog and hardly had any subscribers. I don't expect my subscribers to read every single post, but it's just very odd when you consistently get over 100 views on post days, to barely break 50 the last couple of times, and even finish the day in the teens on non-post days which usually get me around 60-70.

    So, again, it's entirely possible that people are tired of my blog and have moved on to bigger and better things for awhile, but it seems like the drop was too sudden for that.

    And it appears others are experiencing the same thing.

  11. One thing I did notice is that spam has dropped. Not that I get a lot anyway, but mine has dropped to one in the last three days.

  12. Of course wouldn't you know it, but today I am to 160 and on pace to have my best day ever. Go figure.

  13. Lucky! I'm still looking at some well-below average numbers, even with a new post. My traffic hasn't picked up at all despite a triple digit subscription base. If things don't get back to normal soon I may just contact support and see if they'll do a quick check to make sure there's nothing wrong.

  14. These fluctuations are normal. One day I had 300 views but I did not have 300 views in the following whole week despite of publishing 3 or 4 posts.On the other hand my site traffic is good these days without posting anything.

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