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Slow Death

  1. At what point would kill a blog if it's not updated?

  2. Never.

  3. Is that an opinion? Can you point me to a policy statement somewhere?

  4. There is no policy.

    If your blog is no longer useful, you can ask for it to be deleted, other wise it will sit there forever.

  5. Since the forums are mostly staffed by user/volunteers, best to write Support directly when they return if you need a policy statement. Meanwhile read all the way through to the bottom.

    (@dreamsburnred-just fyi, a person can delete their own blog if they choose to do so; you don't have to ask anyone to have it deleted.)

  6. @just that is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. If you want, you can search the forum for staff responses to "free blog" and related terms. We always get people asking to use blognames that have already been registered, and staff have said they will NOT hand them over. The blogger may or may not, as they choose, or they may delete it.

    Deleted blogs, whether deleted by staff or by the owners, never come back.

  8. Thanks!

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