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    Hello Again!

    Sorry for the bombardment of messages, there are just a few little things to fix and I think my sites will be perfect!

    My blog is very slow. It takes ages to load and does not scroll fluidly once loaded. I think it it the CSS (there is a warning in the margins that the code with * will be slow).

    /* image frame */
    img[class*="align"], img[class*="wp-image-"], #content .gallery .gallery-icon img {
    border: none;

    a:focus img[class*="align"], a:hover img[class*="align"], a:active img[class*="align"], a:focus img[class*="wp-image-"], a:hover img[class*="wp-image-"], a:active img[class*="wp-image-"], #content .gallery .gallery-icon a:focus img, #content .gallery .gallery-icon a:hover img, #content .gallery .gallery-icon a:active img {
    background: none;
    border-color: #BBBBBB;

    Above is the (what I think is the problem). It is code to eliminate the frames around images. I just want a completely minimal style, with no frames, no rollover changes on images, just simple! Is there a way of having the images without frames or rollover, but still maintaining the speed?

    thanks in advance! becca :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Your website is slower than 78% of all tested websites!/uCgtmn7gP/

    To reduce page loading time you can:

    1. Reduce the number and size of u=images on the front page.
    2. Use excerpts and/or limit the number of posts on front page.
    3. You can use CSS to improve your web sites load time. With your styles in an external .css file, the browser can cache all the formatting and stylizing for your pages instead of having to read each and every single tag all over again. This reduces lengthy tags and replaces them with smaller class styles instead. Combine your background images into a single image and use the CSS background-image and background-position properties to display the desired image segment. If you add any custom CSS to your blog, make sure it validates. P.S. I don’t help with CSS editing.


    A CSS update like that shouldn’t cause really slow page loads. I’ll take a closer look to see what I can figure out.


    @awaywiththespoons , when I first checked earlier today, it loaded quite slowly for me. I investigated but haven’t found anything that’s particularly helpful. I just checked the site again though, and it’s loading very quickly for me. Is it faster for you as well? Did you make any changes to the site that you think made a difference?


    @designsimply, no change for me, I have a feeling it is the CSS, as I had I’ve had the blog for 3 years and it’s only started to be so slow since I started customising. One thing I have noticed is that the “likes” under the posts are the last thing to load, and take ages to appear.

    @timetheif, thanks for the advice. I have changed from infinite scroll setting. But I’ve never had a problem with images / speed before, and the only variable that has changed is the CSS (I’ve been adding images for 3 years).


    Changing infinite scroll setting shouldn’t affect the initial load time.

    I’m at a coffee shop in a small town in upstate NY right now, and I just tested just now after clearing my browser cache to make sure it’s a fresh load, and the site loaded for me in about 3 seconds.

    I did see it load quite slowly once before when I first checke after you first posted, but now it’s loading fast for me.

    @timethief, any chance you could let us know about how long takes for you do load it?

    @awaywiththespoons, approx. how fast is it taking for the site to load for you now? Maybe it’s an internet provider or network-level issue (which can happen sometimes and is pretty hard to track down). Documenting a traceroute from your side may help track down the source of the problem. Would you be willing to give that a try?

    This page has an example of what a traceroute looks like:

    Aside: you could test your CSS theory by temporarily removing all CSS (make sure to save a backup first!), clearing your browser cache, and then re-loading the site and testing the load speed. Then add back the custom CSS.


    Hi agian,

    sorry to take so long to respond.

    The sight is still extremely slow. I just tested it in two ways:

    1. compared to my website.
    My website fully loaded in 4 seconds
    My blog fully loaded in 27 seconds

    2. with no CSS.
    I cleared the CSS and tested to see if this affected the load time. There was no difference.

    This was on the same network/browser/time of day (i.e. no other variables changed)

    I am not sure what to do. I edit all my photos on photoshop before posting – and have them no bigger then 628px wide, with a dpi of 150. I have also had the blog for a few years and never had a problem before (even though I used to post HUGE photos!).

    I’d like to try “traceroot”. However I am using MacOS. The link you posted if for a PC. Do you have another link?




    I’d like to try “traceroot”. However I am using MacOS. The link you posted if for a PC. Do you have another link?

    Yep. Give this a shot:

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