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Slow loading time

  1. Recently when ever I visit any wordpress page, it loads incredibly slow. Sometimes it times out. What is the problem? Also, it is even slower when the connection is secure (the admin area). This just started.

  2. I'm not seeing that from my end at all, and I often test on dialup to make sure that my pages are useable for everyone. Have you recently upgraded or changed your antivirus, antispam, or firewall protections? The first thing I'd do is run a complete scan of your system for a trojan or browser highjacker?

  3. I did see some slow running in the forum yesterday (Sunday), but it only seemed to last for a couple of minutes then sped up again. I assumed it was either my connection or a temporary glitch with the system.

    Seems to be fine this morning :)

  4. I just started a blog and I find it incredibly slow as well - especially moving around the dashboard

  5. Take a look at the Explanation by Matt here.

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