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Slow slow slow

  1. Why is everything so slow today?

  2. i was wondering the same thing.

  3. Yikes, and is it me or did the Support link just disappear? Not sure if the moons are out of orbit, but it's faster to write the blog than to download it today! Argh.

  4. I literally have been trying to make 1 post for an hour later its still loading at a snail's pace. What gives? This annoys.

  5. I think they are doing maintenance today to possibly help this.

  6. Would be nice if one of "them" just happened to stop by to tell us something. Maybe asking too much.

  7. Now even accessing pages is slo-o-o--o-o-o--o--o-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w.

  8. Hey guys, we're currently experiencing some network issues; we hope to have this resolved, shortly, however, so please hang in there. :)

  9. Same question the following day: Wed, Nov 19. I guess they are still working on it. These things take time but I hope they get it tuned up soon.

  10. Loading to make a post or edit is incredibly slow, in fact it has been getting slower each day for a couple of days.

    Response used to be pretty good, but virtually unusable today

  11. Ahh, there's ur "stop by response". :)

  12. And here's your proof: Bigger ain't necessarily better.

  13. Our servers are now recovering from the issue. If you still experience problems, please contact Support so we can take a look.

  14. Publish - when I click publish the response is still very slow, even if post is short

  15. Publish - when I click publish the response is still very slow, even if post is short

  16. Everything has been loading extremely slowly today. Haven't checked within the last hour or so, so maybe the problem has been fixed.

  17. Should be sorted now guys - if not let us know!

  18. Man it is really slow - please help. For the whole week and most recently, any updates to a blog is dog slow - 30 seconds to update a post. Loading the admin dashboard is really slow too - please fix.

  19. Just started blogging here ... ... the dashboard has been unusably slow ... to my dismay, it takes many minutes to make even a minor edit.

    Yikes. I sure hope this is temporary.

  20. perfectgiftideas

    I have the same issue in one blog at but not in other WP hosted blogs. If the and blogs are on the same server that could be where the problem is.

  21. No blog is hosted on a single server.

    perfectgiftideas, your front page includes a number of images hosted at If that server is slow, your blog pages will be slow to load.

  22. Posting and uploading photos are both still slow today.

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