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    I have sent this to staff directly but wondering if anyone here may have seen this already and would know.

    I am wondering why does the slug URL on this post has those weird characters.

    When I check the permalink box, I don’t see anything unusual, so I am surprised to see the way this post has turned out. I wonder if this is a bug with the theme or something else I am overlooking?

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you mean the percentage symbol? As far as I know it’s escape code for a dash.



    All this …


    is unnecessary.


    Try looking at this from W3Schools:

    If that doesn’t help, come back and maybe someone else can help you.


    I’ll modlook this so that staff can take a look. I suspect it’s just a bit of buggy coding that they can do something about. Hang on there.


    A few days ago when I was “previewing” a post, the URL of the post including the “+preview=true” and all that, was added to the post name, and there was gibberish in the slug. I noticed it and deleted it, it hasn’t happened since, and I figured it was one of those blips that can happen.

    I wonder if something similar happened with your post?



    That’s a bit normal, there must have been some invalid characters in the post title.

    %e2 = â

    %80 = €

    %ac = ¬

    You can edit the slug by editing the post. The slug is below the Title field.



    That is what I thought as well and I am aware of changing the slug below the title field, but to show you how it looks right now, here’s the screen shot.

    As you can see, there are no invalid characters in the field. So I wonder what is causing this problem.



    Hm, that was odd. I was able to fix it by just retyping the bad portion. I’m not sure why it was broken, but please let us know if it ever happens again!

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