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Sluggish performance

  1. I really like wordpress and open source, and i thank you for the opportunity to write a blog.

    Iam, located in Taiwan with a 12mb broadband connection, somehow i still gets sluggish performance from wordpress.

    i just want to know, is it just me? or...

  2. maybe it's the internet cables still being fixed from that taiwan earthquake. =)

    i'm from malaysia, my dashboard gets loaded very very quickly, so no problems from here.

  3. can't access any of the word press blogs from Pakistan.. howcome? i can access them through anonymouse proxies but not directly through a pakistan ip, how come?

  4. but i am accessing everything else just fine.....
    i meant i cant even get into my own admin....

  5. you could try sending a feedback at [email redacted]

  6. Thank you, the issue seem to have solved it self. :)

  7. midnightjester

    neouto.. in case the issue returns.

    I had the same problem accessing my admin after the changes designed to make wordpress faster (all the urls changed from https:// to http://), mine got so slow that it always timed out before loading.

    I eventually went back to using the https:// urls and now have no problems. I access through 3 different computers and have noticed that the 2 running win2k are the ones that have problems with the new urls (one with firefox, the other running opera), the one running windows xp has not had issues.

  8. thanks its fine now, i guess my notebook was just having a bad day yesterday...

  9. Also need traceroutes. Can't see what's going on unless you show staff what you're looking at. :)

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