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    Could anyone please tell me what a “slug” is???

    I am trying to make new categories and when I try to edit a category – the message “slug” already in use – and I can’t change my category name.



    We need a link to the blog that you are talking about please.



    A “slug” is the unique portion of the permalink.

    For posts: /2011/01/03/this-is-the-slug/

    For categories: /category/slug/

    For tags: /tag/slug/

    For the most part, you’ll probably want your category title and slug to be the same, so the category Music would /category/music/.

    If you have a particularly long category title, like “My Vacations Around the World,” you may want to enter a shorter slug, like /category/vacations/.

    Now, the problem you’re running in to is that categories and tags share the same slug base (that just sounds terrible) because they are technically the same thing. Think of categories as featured tags.

    So, if you have both a Music category and tag, one slug would be music, and the other slug would have to be music-2 or something different.

    I hope I didn’t ramble on too much, but that’s the general idea. :)

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