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    can I insert an image in the sidebar with a link to a URL? The link is to a double-page spread of an old Sydney newspapers (one zooms out to scroll), and I took a screengrab of it when zoomed IN, which makes a good slightly-bigger-than-.ico to use as a link.
    But I don’t comprehend why I appear to have to insert a URL for the little image itself!!!
    How do I do that, please?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can forget this one, too!
    Yaaaaayyyy! – I’m finally beginning to remember stuff – like the fact that when you say ‘URL’ you often mean the WordPress URL.
    It’s all starting to come back … :-D


    On much the same theme, though – how do I get the linked image behind the little picture to open in a new tab?
    Where do I add the “target=_blank”??? (please!)



    Hi Margaret – There isn’t an option for that with the Image Widget, but you could use a Text widget instead, and link to your image using HTML. Then, you could add the target=blank there.

    The HTML would look like this:

    <a href=",7037572" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>


    TERRIFIC! – I am again most grateful to you.
    I knew that without the <a href I was fairly stuffed; but I’m not good at thinking laterally. (Or literally, for that matter, alas!)
    You are most kind, eurello!


    Um. Now another question: I can’t change the size of the image, it seems: I deleted what was in the Library, recreated it quite a bit smaller and re-uploaded. But it’s still showing up as exactly the same size. I even checked the WordPress URL; and that’s identical with what it was before. I went into Settings and found the media settings, but they can’t be relevant. :-(
    Anything further to offer, please, eurello (or anyone)?


    I seem to have an actual problem with text widgets. :-(
    Not only with the one described above, but now that I’ve inserted one of those little flags of visitors’ nations thinggies, I find that it, too, is grossly big and distorted – just as with the newspaper icon.
    Sighh …
    This’ll be a real good one to solve…



    Hi Margaret,

    You can add width and height parameters to the HTML, like so:

    <a href=",7037572" target="_blank"><img src="" width="100" height="100"/></a>

    You’ll want to play around with the sizes where I’ve entered 100 until it looks the way you want it to. Let me know how that works!


    I did as you indicated, and it made not the slightest difference, eurello!
    This is truly weird.
    The little grab from the article is still showing at exactly the same size as previously, even though the html code says it’s 100 X 100.
    Any further ideas on this one, please?


    I’m now DESPERATE.
    The sidebar has gone insane: and not a single image is showing at its true size.
    I am being hideously embarrassed by this, and don’t even know how to take the site down until the problem is fixed.
    Oh, please help a.s.a.p.?





    Hi Margaret,

    I simply removed the size parameters from your picture and that looks fine to me now. The flag counter also looks clear.

    The image from Google News is a very small image, which I think is why it’s stretching like that. Would it be possible for you to upload a larger version of that image? Then you could scale it down to display sharply in your sidebar, instead of it stretching and being blurry like that.


    Again, while offering my thanks, I’m totally confused. The icon to put the link to the article behind is ENORMOUS, and occupies the whole width of the sidebar, as does the Flag Counter.
    I re-sized the icon to 50 X 50: as you can see that and I can’t, it’s apparently too small, but I can’t do anything about that because I CAN’T SEE WHAT YOU SEE.
    The flag counter, one of which I had in my historical WordPress blog, is not meant to upsize itself as it has done, theoretically.
    At least my photo has returned to being the correct size.
    I shall have to change templates: this is doing my head in.



    Hi Margaret – I see that you’ve changed your theme and your images are appearing smaller now. Are you set with this?


    Thank you for asking, eurello!
    As I advised, I did change themes. Since you and I were not actually seeing the same thing, there seemed no point in taking up any more of your time on this.
    And I am indeed happy with Splendio (customized): all I have left to do is decide if I need to create a personal header, now.
    And then, of course, FINISH THE SITE.

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