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Small problem with Sitemeter

  1. I am supposed to have a visible (free) Sitemeter counter on my blog but it has disappeared some weeks ago

  2. It is still there anne1024, right below your Weblog statistik. If you hover over it, it shows up. Maybe changing the meter look at sitemeter will make it show up better for you.


  3. I see it as well. I love the Links pointer widget, by the way. :)

  4. Mysterious--- I cannot see it at all. It used to be there all the time, not only hovering over it.

    Perhaps the reason is Adblock? It has a VERY long list of blocked images, mostly imported from Dutchblock (I think... I did not ad them), including wildcards such as "stats", "counter", "tracker", and so.

    Or, perhaps the reason is thatI emptied all cookies and temp files recently?

    However. no fuss... it just looks a bit funny with a "statistics" headline and then, nothing.

    Thank you for your check.


  5. Adblock - Might be. I can't use it here so there's no way to test it.

  6. Damn the Adblock list is too long, I give up...

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