Small problems with Pilcrow, fixable or not?

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    Hi! For some while now I’ve been puzzled over an inconsistency in my favorite theme Pilcrow. It isn’t a biggie but it would be nice if I could fix it. In the first link given, you see a post where there is no excess white space at the top, under the navigation bar–

    –but on this example, you can see there is a lot of unnecessary space–

    Has anyone else noticed this? And is there anything I could do to close things up a bit more? – THNX

    The blog I need help with is


    There is something definitely messed up with the theme. They appear to have hidden the “next” and “previous” links that were designed to be above the posts on single pages and it is causing issues. The next and previous links are still there, but pushed to the right side and when a next or previous post has a longer title it forces the content down.

    I’ll tag this to get staff attention and hopefully they can fix it. If you had the CSS upgrade, I could give you one CSS declaration that would fix it.


    Ermh…..LOL….seems Pilcrow is cursed with issues. Last time I had a prob was a few months back and timethief (i think it was?) said it was a “bug” in the theme. Not sure about that; I’ve noticed something similar elsewhere since then. Anyway. Pilcrow is still my fave, it has a good wide image display AND clear readable text! I hope Staff can fix the links issue soon!


    Either I forgot to tag this modlook or someone took the tag off.

    Contact staff directly and in the contact form include the link to this forum thread. Go to , search for anything, scroll down and click “no” and the contact form will appear.



    We monitor the forums, no need to contact us twice (we read these posts).


    @wildwanderingirl, then don’t contact staff.


    @wildwanderingirl that one was weird. :) It should be fixed now, thanks for posting. Let us know if you still find problems.


    Nope, no more problems, W00T!!! *happy dance* Many thanks, Theme Wranglers! <3

    That was a little weird, LOL. What was even weirder was that I never noticed what TSP pointed out earlier, he saw more wrong than I did. All I saw was some annoying unwanted white space on many of my posts. Now everything looks ‘different’–that’s because it’s been corrected *BG*

    Thanks Guys, for being so prompt in getting back to us when there are things wrong that need solving…

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