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    I’d like to put up a small ad that — while for a third-party commercial venture — is relevant to my own blog. I write extensively on Mexican history and culture. As a result, I’ve been contracted by a small Mexican publishing house to write a few pamphlets on those subjects, the first coming out at end of September. This first pamphlet is a tie-in to a historical exhibit and is written more to create an interest in the historical figure than to make any money.

    Frankly, I expect I earn more from my paypal donate button, but — whine and threaten as I do — those are “voluntary” contributions, and not really a commercial ad.

    Any problems with this, or do I need official blessings from the Pope of WordPress?



    Your blog will be at risk of being deleted. It is against the terms of service to advertise third-party sites. You can, apparently, have one text link to your own book although staff have not made it clear whether this is ONLY if it’s available on or not. You should talk to staff before you put anything like that on your blog. They kill blogs every day.


    This is not allowed. Don’t do it.
    ToS section 2, 5th bullet blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites


    One discreet text link is allowed. But email staff and make your plea and see what happens. I thought I had the email bookmarked but now I can’t find it. Anyone else have this?



    A discreet link to your business in the sidebar or an About page is permitted.
    One discreet link to Amazon per blog is okay, but if the primary purpose of the blog is to drive traffic to affiliate programs that’s not allowed. If you’re not sure, contact support.

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