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Smart Buttons vanished on post for Sharing services

  1. Although my sharing buttons still exist on my blog, the smart buttons seem to have vanished within the last few hours. There is no drop-down option now on the Enabled Services section for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    My site address is:

    Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just saw this on the site as well - - I very much prefer people being able to 'Like' rather than 'Share' on the Facebook option - please advise -

    Thank you.

  3. Hi. The Sharing services have been changed today. To display smart buttons, you now need to go to Settings > Sharing > Button style > Official buttons.

  4. Yes, now both of my facebook buttons are "share" buttons, and I had one like button and one share button before. :-( Twitter isn't a smart button, either.

    The other icons are looking peculiar, too -- for emailing & printing, particularly.

    The large "share" button that used to expand to show the other sharing option is not called "More," which is fine.

    Other than renaming the "share" to "more," I do hope this is a bug that will get fixed & not a new "feature." It looks really weird to have two different "sharing" fb buttons, rather than one for liking & one for sharing -- I should probably remove one of them, but I don't want to if it's a glitch that will be fixed.

  5. Thank yo very much - I should pay more attention to these changes...

  6. The large "share" button that used to expand to show the other sharing option is not called "More," which is fine.

    That should be *now* called "More."

  7. Oh, and I was checking out my buttons while airodyssey wrote his explanation.

    Was there an announcement on this that I missed? I've been away from the computer for a while.

  8. Thanks a ton, airodyssey! I just fixed my blog using your instructions, and best of all, it retained the numbers from earlier. Much appreciated!!

  9. My like button has gone as well and now have two share buttons . Do we have to make a new button ?

  10. They are definitely arrayed more nicely and don't look so cluttered & haphazard. Thanks for pointing out the Button Style options, airodyssey!

  11. I'm noticing that via @wordpressdotcom is now being added to tweets, how can this be updated with our own username?

  12. cweleventhauthor

    My concern is that the Twitter button doesn't show the number of times people have Tweeted your post, like it did before. Can you please advise on how to fix this?

  13. @cweleventhauthor: You have to change your buttons to "Smart buttons". I explained that already in my first response on top. If that doesn't help, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http://

  14. @airodyssey: I can't find the button style and official button option in the sharing tab. Please help.

  15. @serenity11: Go to Settings > Sharing. Near the bottom, you should see this;

    Button style : Official Buttons
    Sharing label : ___
    Open links in : ___
    Show buttons on : ___ Like Button
    __ Show a like button and who has liked my post on all of my blog posts above the comments section

  16. Oh! I got it! Silly me! And thank you! :)

  17. digitalb2b

    I'm noticing that via @wordpressdotcom is now being added to tweets, how can this be updated with our own username?

    I asked for this question in News and my comment is yet under moderation. Probably, they're working on it.

  18. my "like" button are vanish too

  19. @eatognotti But I can see the like box and I recently liked your post

  20. Wow... thanks a lor, you are god to me...

  21. torturebytrain

    Thank you so much, though I was going insane!

  22. I got both 'like' and 'share' buttons functioning by changing button style to 'official', but 'share' icon is not on the same horizontal level. how could I fix that?

  23. @brancolina: It might be a bug related to the theme you are using. I suggest you report it by creating a new topic under "Themes".

  24. @digitalb2b, @wpgaurav Yes you can add your own username when someone RT your post.
    Here is the link ->

  25. mannerofspeaking

    I am wondering whether anyone has figured out how to delete share buttons that one creates for the blog (e.g., Evernote, Diigo, etc.). And, more importantly, how one can edit share buttons.

    When you create a share button, you have to enter three pieces of information: the name of the service; the URL of the service; and the URL of the 16x16 image of the service for your button (assuming you use the images).

    So far, so good. However, if the link to the URL of the image is broken, you still have the name of the service, but no picture. Normally you should be able to enter another URL. However, once the button is created, you can no longer change it. You have to store the button and create a new one.

    While not fatal, it is annoying and leaves you with a stack of buttons cluttering your dashboard.

    Thanks for any ideas!


  26. Does anyone know if they're going to fix the Google+ button? Its not the same height of the other two (Facebook and Twitter) official buttons. Or it's just me?

  27. @skavenger: It's been reported several times, and I think I saw a staff member mention they're looking into it, but I can't find the thread in question.

  28. that's also my question: what to do when share buttons are not on the same height?

  29. @brancolina: To wait until staff fixes it. I'm practically certain it has to do with the way chooses to embed the +1 button and I doubt we could change it ourselves (even with a Custom Design upgrade).

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