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Smiggle Theme

  1. Hello. I've been browsing around Smiggle for a while and I was wondering, what theme is the blog? Because it's like a journal and I want my blog to be like that. What is the theme? Or is it a paid upgrade?
    Thanks anyway...

  2. That's not an out-of-the-box theme. It has a ton of customization, so much I can't tell what it was originally. Unless you're a very talented web designer, don't even try to do something like that. It's not possible without the paid CSS upgrade anyway.

  3. Humph. I like their theme. Thanks anyway.

  4. If I am not mistaken, that blog use the sandbox theme. Sandbox CSS can be changed liberally.

  5. Ok. No way I'll ever achieve all their CSS customisations! Thanks..

  6. There's not that much custom styling going on here. The main bits are a scrolling background image for the main post area and fixed positioning for the sidebars.

  7. So you would still need a CSS upgrade to achieve that?

  8. Yes, that is correct.

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