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Smiley Face

  1. Is there any way to get the smiley face .gif off my page? [i believe it is from the stats]

  2. No.

  3. Actually, apparently there IS a way with the CSS upgrade. You then have no stats at all, though.

  4. I wondered about that, raincoaster. If you were able to set the smiley to be the same colour as the background of your page, you could maybe still get the stats, but not see it?

  5. I have tried everything to get the lil guy off, color, deleting, nothing works. He is resistant.

  6. "She". Her name is Angela, named after Dr Mike's ex, who was always watching and used to pop up all the time in the most irritating places.

    @ ros, I'm not sure how, and I can't find the threads, but I think somebody moved it right off the visible part of the page.

  7. Oh, that makes sense, raincoaster. I was thinking about this again and, since it's a .gif image, rather than text, you couldn't change the colour. But putting it on a non-visible part of the page should work. Though, tbh, it seems like an awful lot of effort for something that almost nobody notices anyway and is pretty inoffensive.

  8. Add this in your css file:

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