Smilie Problems… Please Help

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    Hello there, This is Siddharth – Writer of bestsellers “New to the Crew” & “White Snowy Scarf”… is pretty good place. Just started blogging here. Anyone please tell how to correct the graphical smilies that often spring up in our blogs.. Example:

    I wanted to write : (no. 28) and it became: (no. 2 – smilie face

    How do I gain visitors for my site… There are nationally, many visitors for the blog (even media does follow) but I haven’t got any international users to visit the site.. How would I bring it to their notice !!

    [Edit – please stop linking your domain in every post – Mark]

    The blog I need help with is



    Check the Writing options and you can deactivate smilies.


    Alright Mark… I didn’t know that links to external domains not allowed !!
    Won’t put anywhere else. But my second prob yet unsolved..

    How to gain visitors ? I mean, how would people know about my blog.

    One more Qs: Can I put the blog link on my other domain..

    Peace, Siddharth



    You can put anything you like on your own domain.

    Search the forums – there have been lots of discussions about promoting your blog. Also try here:

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