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  1. hedonisticpleasureseeker

    Hello, is there a link to a page where I can see which "smilies" are supported by wordpress?

  2. Try this. It should answer all your questions.

  3. argenteen: thanks for the link. was looking for stg like this too. :)

  4. Can this link be added to the FAQ?

  5. thanks!!! i wanted the entire list of smilies too and yes it should be added in the FAQ too :lol:

  6. come :lol: doesn't work?? :?

  7. It could be theme dependent.

  8. As requested:

    cyanee - tick the box in Options > Writing?

  9. thanks podz!!
    i meant the smilies display in this forum... when i said :lol: it doesn't show

    and thanks for the faq!!

  10. BBPress was designed as a lightweight, simple forum app without all the belss and whistles of full forum software: no smilies, signatures, avatars, private messaging etc.

    It works on the blogging philosophy: Content Is King.

    I really like it this way. You don't have to wade through all the crap to get to the interesting bits. And no, I don't mean drmike's posts! ;)

  11. I hold out for avatars because that's how I'm used to recognizing different posters but I like it as well.

    And don't forget Cornell. I can see your IP address. :)

  12. hedonisticpleasureseeker

    Thank you! Question: Am I supposed to know what version of WordPress I'm using? I'd like to download the plugin but don't know which one to use.

  13. On you do not "download plug-ins". Plug-ins are for self hosted or web hosted blogs only. Here on we are on a different wordpress platform. It's a shared platform and that means - no plug-ins, no theme customization, no advertising, and n javascript for security reasons. All this information can be found in the FAQ. Thanks for checking there first before asking for support.

  14. You're not using WordPress here but WordPress MultiUser or MU for short. You can find an FAQ on the differences here and a comparison list/ codex entry here.

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